Sunday, 23 October 2011

What's this all about?

So I have always loved cheese, but not to an extent that I ever wanted to write or dedicate a blog page to it. So why now? It's a bit weird that I have chosen to do so actually but it is therapeutic to be writing about something that you like and can just do in your own time.

What happened was, it was my birthday a month and a half ago and Linda D (my girlfriend's mum) had a thoughtful present for me waiting at her house. Zoe (gf) and I popped round on the Saturday night for dinner and XFactor, and after spending an hour laughing at some of the tone-deaf people who genuinely believe they can sing, Linda went into the kitchen and came out with a giant hamper saying 'happy birthday' to me. On unwrapping the cloth to reveal the contents, my face went into 'cheeky beam' mode. It was full of cheese, wine, oils (cooking!) and A GIANT PORK PIE with my name on it. (interjection - at this point I should state that pork pie is the only other food that challenges cheese at the top of my love list! When they both come together, like pork & Stilton pie...ohhhh baby!!).

Over the last few weeks since, I have been chomping through (nom-nom-nom!) these various cheeses that I had not heard of or seen before and hit a couple that made me think 'phwoarrr - that ain't half bad mate!' in my best Essex accent. They were good and I wanted to eat them again. I decided that the best thing to do was to get a notebook, write down their names and a short rating of why I liked them. Then I thought 'hey, I'm a 21st century guy - why not write a blog? That way I'll have the record with me wherever I go and it can be like one of the travel diaries I've had in the past - except with stories about cheese.'

So there you have it. I sit here now talking about these experiences feeling a little bit like teen medic Doogie Howser MD, except my computer is a little less antiquated and I don't write about saving lives (only hypothetically by spreading the word of cheese). I probably won't just stick to reviews of cheese. There are too many other stories and opinions to share!

Monday, 17 October 2011

The creation of CHEESE!!

On day 6 God created land animals and humans. And that's where it all began. The two creatures came into being that I have to thank for the most wondrous and flavoursome food created. The cow took its first breath and was compelled to nosh into the lush green grass. Cud was chewed and reproduction led to the production of milk. Man came along, domesticated the cow for its own guaranteed nourishment of meat and fresh milk. One day, Keith (the man) went away on a long fishing trip having left a cup of his fresh milk on the side. He returned some time later, tired and miffed at the lack of fish. He walked to the sideboard where he had left his cup and, thirsty from his trip, took a swig of his milk. He fell to his knees as his taste buds vibrated with Mexican waves of delight.  And there, in that mud hut, the WONDER of cheese was born. God bless Keith...