Monday, 17 October 2011

The creation of CHEESE!!

On day 6 God created land animals and humans. And that's where it all began. The two creatures came into being that I have to thank for the most wondrous and flavoursome food created. The cow took its first breath and was compelled to nosh into the lush green grass. Cud was chewed and reproduction led to the production of milk. Man came along, domesticated the cow for its own guaranteed nourishment of meat and fresh milk. One day, Keith (the man) went away on a long fishing trip having left a cup of his fresh milk on the side. He returned some time later, tired and miffed at the lack of fish. He walked to the sideboard where he had left his cup and, thirsty from his trip, took a swig of his milk. He fell to his knees as his taste buds vibrated with Mexican waves of delight.  And there, in that mud hut, the WONDER of cheese was born. God bless Keith...

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