Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cambozola - the hybrid!!

Superhero fans, kids, bored students and Stan Lee alike have for decades now held the debate on the best superhero out there, posing to eachother the question in school playgrounds and watching late-night television - "Ok, ok....who would win, the Hulk OR Thing!?". Random reasoning ensues based on a loose application of scientific reasons why your chosen choice would obviously be the last one standing. "Well what about this one - Spiderman OR Batman!?" (the answer is Spiderman). Bottom line is that there would be a clear cut winner in a fight to the death situation even though both are AWESOME.

But what about when powers are combined and both sets of incredible characteristics are inherited. The resulting  product becomes greater than the sum of its parts. For example - imagine a young 'Thing' (made of muscley stone) becoming even more powerful and green when it got angry. "Whoa!" I hear you say. Whoa indeed. And what about the baby from the Disney film "Incredibles" that shows massive promise at the end of the film and ultimately saves the day by using the lethal combination of powers inherited by his parents? Case closed.

That's what Cambozola is like. Imagine if you will a hard working Danish blue (Anders) heading home from a hard day in the office. He has a spring in his step from the news given to him earlier that day (in his performance 1:1 interview) that his work has not gone unnoticed with the directors and he is getting that long awaited promotion. Having just bought the house with his French Brie wife (Camille) last summer, the time couldn't be better for them than now to start the family that they had so longed and waited for. Unexpectedly, Anders arrives at their little wooden bread-bin home first, encountering a short message on the chalk board in the kitchen: "Gone to drop some milk at mum's -luv ya baby x". Anders seeks his chance. He has 15 minutes tops. He opens the chilled bottle of Bollinger sitting in the garage fridge that was given as a house warming gift and thought it would never see the light of day again, and then runs upstairs. He runs into the bedroom, draws the curtains, and lights the four dusty candles of different sizes, shapes and scents around the room. He then strips down to his red tie and sprawls himself over their queen sized bed. Upon hearing Camille's key hit the lock he hits play on the remote and Barry White "I'm gonna love you just a little more" sounds out from the speakers. Camille enters the room, sees the bubbly on the side and Anders lying with one leg cocked - "I got it baby!", he says. The soft French brie smiles, lets out a suppressed shriek of joy and approaches the bed. Here the lights dim, the music gets louder and I leave you to your filthy imaginations... ;)

And Cambozola was born - inheriting traits from each of its parents. Deliciously smooth, brie-like texture with bursts of the stronger character of blue. A-mazing in sandwiches, especially with good ham, and just great to bed on the board if you are not sure whether you fancy something smooth or something stronger. I friggin love it. It gets an 8.5 from me. High rollers for the hybrid! 

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